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Why limit yourself? Our finger-ring lets you choose what grip works best. It’s flexible, non-slip, and ergonomic, so you can’t go wrong.

Our cartridges have everything you need. Along with 6 uber-precise, top quality blades that flex in the center, each cartridge comes with a lubricating strip of vitamin E, aloe, and lavender oil – that’s what we call a triple threat.

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Aveline, pronounced av-uh-leen, is a radical departure from women’s conventional “blade and stick” razors. Offering subscription and a la carte options, Aveline is an ergonomic, web-only razor line, re-imagining the female shaving experience

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We like to think of ourselves as a game changer for women’s razors. Not just because we provide the smoothest shave possible, but because we do away with the Pink Tax. What’s that you ask? The Pink Tax is the extra amount applied to products marketed to women. Think personal care, clothes and even vehicle repair. It’s not fair and we’re not here for it. From our re-fills to skincare products, we made sure you pay a fair price, period.

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