Who We Are

Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose

M2A Vision

To Accompany Profit Maximization with Purpose Maximization to Remake our World.

Our Mission

Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose.

Our default setting is to be Autonomous and self-directed.

Pursuit of Mastery is essential at M2A, Mastery is our mindset; it requires the capacity to see our abilities not as finite, but as infinitely improvable. Mastery is a pain: it demands effort, grit and deliberate practice.

We seek Purpose, to make a contribution and to be part of a cause greater and more enduring than ourselves. Within M2A, this “purpose motive” expresses itself in three ways; profitable goals, speech that emphasizes more than self-interest; policies that allow people to pursue purpose on their own.

What does it mean?

We are strategic e-Commerce accelerators. Our business-driven approach separates us from typical digital marketing companies. M2A features an integrated team of web consultants, creative designers, writers, programmers and marketing professionals that know how to get online results.

Meet The Samurai

Mohsen Ahangarani

CEO, Project Manager

Started professional sales career when he was 12, selling his artwork in local markets. Later he got his BS in applied mathematics, utilizing the math degree, sales genes and his desire for success, he started M2A in 1998, since then he has experienced all the odds and ends of the online/digital marketing industry.

Hadi Zahedi

CTO, Web Team Lead

He is the designer of consumer-focused eye-catching Apps and websites. While much of his experience has been in the design world, he understands the social value of the non-profit sector. For the ten five years, he has been a master designer in a fast-paced agency environment and is eager to expand his experience by developing custom-designed web applications.

Freddy Hernandez

Amazon Team Lead
He is a creative director with photography and is an inborn Amazon specialist. He has managed as well as a market for many brands since 2016 and started his own coffee roasting company in 2017. This extensive experience in media and design and his fantastic attitude has made him a great asset for M2A.

Jane Kim

Copywriting Strategist

Making sense of all the chaos is where Jane feels most comfortable and useful. Having over a decade of experience in the fast paced post-production world as well as various service industries, seeking the happy-medium within the workplace has become a passion and necessity. She has your back!

Anja Kostic

Social Media Lead

Anja has a degree as a Medical doctor but even from student days, 4 years ago, started working firstly for local brands and expanded to working with clients from all over the globe. She believes that digital marketing is definitely the future of marketing and it highlights her creative side so she enjoys working in this area. She makes eye-catching and attention-grabbing looks and grids, also following trends, for your profile with pleasure.

Bita Behzad

Social Media Ads Manager

Bita is a Creative Director, Producer and Photographer who lives and works in New York City. Bita graduated with a BFA in Photography with a concentration in commercial and fashion photography from Parsons School of Design.

In the past few years, she has been working as the lead Creative Director and Strategist, Producer, and a Photographer for selected clients.

Alexander Fechner

International Sales Manager

Alex fell in love with the US during his studies in California and finally decided to begin a new life in here. After he earned his master’s degree in Media Management he worked successfully as a CMO for a fintech-startup which made big news in Germany when prominent politicians invested. That interesting background combined with his deep knowledge for both markets Germany and the US makes him a perfect addition for our M2A-Team.


Product Developer

As the product owner / developer, Omid is a true visionary and has brought our software to the high caliber that it is today. He continues to use his highly respected leadership skills to build a strong development team and his years of programming skills to drive technical innovation. He oversees the quality assurance team and actively participates in unifying the teams to ensure that the focus is on delivering the best results possible for all stakeholders.

Nikki Dalonzo

Professional Photographer

Nikki was a professional dancer in Los Angeles for 20 years and now photography is her passion. She loves working with creative brands and shooting vibrant lifestyle images that tell a story in a single glance.



Warehouse Manager
Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan

Content Creator

Experienced content writer expert in medical field, beauty and business related topics.

I love working with start up companies and individuals who are interested in working for themselves.

Haleh Verdi

Analytics & Consumers' Insight Manager

She is a senior market research analyst hands-on digital marketing strategy and planning. She is an expert in delivering the best quality of services to the highest clients’ satisfaction level. Through fourteen years of her career in marketing, she has been working on many large-scale projects with multinational and local companies from the middle east to Europe and North America.

Kirsten Judson

Kirsten Judson

Content Creator

Kirsten is a producer, writer, and poet based in Los Angeles. Voraciously curious, and a little bit of an anthropologist, she has trotted the globe in search for stories that transform, challenge, and arouse.
She holds a B.S. in Communication & Media from Emerson College and has written for various web and print publications. She currently serves as a cultural writer for The Observer.

Nima of House Daevas

Amazon Specialist, Creative Designer

He got his bachelors in Applied Mathematics and his master’s degree in Design from one of the best schools in the design world of academics: Politecnico di Milano.
His mixed background has made him one of a kind. His desire to help others and being a team player has brought phenomenal results for M2A and M2A’s clients.

Anahid Najafizadeh

Anahid Najafizadeh

Content Writer, Proof Reader

Future graduate of the University of Toronto, a former executive of multiple clubs, avid debater, and social media geek, Anahid brings passion, perspective, and careful planning to all of her work.



CSO (Chief Sleeping Officer)

Her Majesty makes sure we get enough exercise in between projects, walking her on the street.

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