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The way the Booster Program Works?

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What Can BoosterApp Do For You?

Dominate Your Market And Make More Sales

BoosterApp can enhance your products rank by bringing unlimited traffic to your product page. The traffic looks so natural because this smart bot can simulate real human behavior like scrolling, clicking some page elements, and even adding your products into the shopping cart.

BoosterApp may use either Google search engine or Amazon site to find your product page. If you would like to save additional time, BoosterApp will automatically generate the proper links predicated on the product links you provide, and visit your product page.

With BoosterApp, being the #1 on Amazon can be without headaches!

Beat Your Competitors And Take All The Profits

Don’t want to talk about the profits together with your competitors? Or you’re selling products within an over competitive niche?

Don’t worry! BoosterApp will help you beat all of your competitors and leave them in the dust.

You can use BoosterApp to click their Ad eat their money, and prevent their product from being shown at the top position. That is a thing that hardly that you can do by yourself.

Sell New Products Quickly

It’s hard to market new products on Amazon, even a veteran seller find out about it. Instead of spending excess amount on advertising, you can merely crank up the merchandise rank with BoosterApp.

Once your brand-new product sitting in the top position on the Amazon search page, more folks will get your product, and you’ll just a few hours from obtaining the first order.

Make Everything As Easy As Counting 1-2-3

BoosterApp is made to help to make everything as 1-2-3 for you personally. That’s why it also includes the features that enable you to generate and manage multiple accounts that’ll be used to simulate people who’re visiting your products page.

You can batch import, export accounts, classify multiple accounts directly using BoosterApp. Moreover, the accounts could be bound with proxies, to simulate many folks from different locations are visiting your products page.

That’s it. It’s fast, easy, and completely hands-free.

M2A BoosterApp Best Features

M2A BoosterApp can help you boost your product rank on Amazon by simulating real human traffic. It’s most likely the fastest and simplest way to create your product stand on the first page of Amazon search.

Boost your products rank on Amazon

With its unique ability that in a position to simulate true human behavior, it could enable you to get unlimited natural traffic to your products’ page… so you can make your products stand on the #1 position of Amazon internet search engine page.

Click on your competitors' Ads

With this phenomenal software on your hand, you can jump into an over competitive marketplace with an increase of confidence. BoosterApp will help you beat your competition by clicking their Ads. After the profit their Ad account can be used up, their products won’t shown in the very best list anymore!

Latest Anti-Fingerprint Technology

You may use BoosterApp confidently because it features the most recent Anti-fingerprint technology that has the capacity to bypass Amazon detection. Yet, the capability to completely replicate human behavior would make a good intelligent AI like Jarvis, didn’t see it’s a robot that visiting your products’ page.

Simulate real human behavior

BoosterApp is totally not the same as other traffic bots since it completely replicates true human behavior. For instance, searching your products’ keywords to find your products, flick through the Amazon product category until it finds your products, clicking on some elements on your own product page, and even adding your products in to the cart.

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Best Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-tracking Technology

Our software approaches browser fingerprinting in a totally indigenous way. Rather than trying to avoid websites from reading your computer’s fingerprint, our software allows reading it but replaces your original fingerprint with another one.

The fastest way to wind up your products rank on Amazon.

With BoosterApp in your marketing arsenal, you may bring unlimited traffic to your products’ page so that you can increase your products rank efficiently.

100% safe to use.

It could simulate real human traffic and replicate human behavior such as for example simply clicking images randomly, browsing comments, viewing properties, and increasing cart. Yet, in addition, it supports proxy this means the traffic can look like from the different location. Having said that, not also a good AI like Jarvis could tell the difference between BoosterApp’s traffic and real human traffic.

Sell new products in a matter of days (or even hours).

Don’t just wait passively for the first order. Make use of BoosterApp to do this, and obtain the 1st order in just a matter of days (or actually hours) just like a veteran Amazon seller

The ability to run everything on automation.

Using its smart task creation and schedule working feature, you can let BoosterApp running alone. Just arranged it to perform on specific period, and allow it assist you to run your business while you’re tanning your skin layer beneath the tropical sun.

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