Amazon PPC Optimization

Utilize AI to optimize your Amazon Ads

Robust Managed Amazon PPC software designed for controlling margins.

Enhance your bottom line by leveraging AI to minimize human error and create more efficient ads, ultimately saving on costly human labor. This approach, combined with streamlined PPC management, can boost your profitability while freeing up over 300 hours each month.

Exceptional machine learning capabilities

We firmly believe in the importance of non-advertising data, which is why we’ve engineered our m2a ad engines to function like a high-performance car. It provides a smooth, efficient ride right out of the gate, but also offers the flexibility to fine-tune settings for peak performance. Achieve your business objectives with our suite of intelligent features designed specifically for Amazon advertising.

Amazon Ad Optimization

Grow profit with data-driven decisions

M2A’s Amazon PPC Optimization Service offers you a chance to free up your time and concentrate on discovering new opportunities to expand your business.

Constantly Measure & Improve

Our objective is to transform raw data into actionable knowledge, ensuring your investment decisions are well-informed and strategic.


Save Massive Time with Automation

With its capacity to process vast amounts of data daily and its rapid learning curve, the AI can effortlessly manage large volume catalogs and swiftly adapt to changes such as price fluctuations, new reviews, and seasonality. This efficiency empowers you to optimize your strategies and focus on growth.

Maximize your Presence

Our advertising automation software works 24/7 to reach your goals, making your ad spend more efficient and competitive. Amazon ppc automation helps you decrease the risk of losing your share of voice.

Why pay for what you already have organically?

SEO-based bidding advertising strategy is a unique feature of our managed ad optimization software, making it the sole Amazon tool that empowers advertisers to save money by avoiding ad spend on products that already rank high in search results. This ensures that your advertising budget is used more efficiently, targeting areas where there’s potential for the most impact.

Is this a Managed Service?

Yes, we link our software to your Amazon 3P account through the Seller API. Our expert team will comprehend your objectives, analyze past outcomes, formulate a strategy, execute it, and oversee the optimization. You will then receive detailed reports.

Do I Set the Ad Budgets?

Yes, you can. Our algorithm is specifically designed for budget constraints. When a client has a set budget, it ensures even spending throughout the month, while maximizing sales volume. This efficient resource allocation provides a better return on investment for advertising campaigns.


Is there a Minimum Budget Required?

Yes! A minimum monthly budget of $2500 is required, although we recommend a larger budget for optimal results. Our system thrives on big data - the more data points we have, the quicker and more efficiently we can optimize your advertising campaigns.


Why is there Data Discrepancies between Seller Central and your Reports?

The algorithm systematically imports Amazon's reports daily, ensuring data is presented accurately. Since Amazon updates its reports daily and may revise previous reports, the algorithm also updates its previously loaded reports to maintain data integrity and accuracy.


Will I have Access to the Software?

No, currently our platform requires the expertise of our trained professionals to manage the system due to its complexity. However, we are working on developing a user-friendly platform for the future. In the meantime, you can review the results of our optimizations through our reports, Amazon reports, or our DayLight Live Dashboard (note that this requires an additional subscription). Rest assured, we operate with full transparency.


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