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Amazon Channel Management for your Brand

We at M2A has been offering Amazon account management, seller teaching, and seller consultant services for a lot more than 10 years. For the reason that time, we’ve helped brands across a large number of industries launch, revive and grow their Amazon business. Whether you’re big or small, an Amazon veteran or novice or a first- or third-party seller, our expert Amazon account management team gets the tools and expertise to greatly help:

Navigating the Amazon Marketplace

Any serious seller knows an Amazon existence can lead to major profits. But establishing your position within the saturated marketplace could be a headache and a time-suck in case you are trying to accomplish it all by yourself. Why depend on your own encounter to help you when we of Amazon experts is usually standing by to help manage your account?

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Roots of Our Amazon Account Management

When our Amazon account management services began, we’d one client. Within five years, we helped them grow their Amazon sales by improving their product positioning and exposure.

Amazon success is dependent upon the seller’s capability to effectively configure and manage their products. Profits and measurable returns on investment are accomplished through strategic thinking, cautious planning, and thoughtful execution.

That’s where our Amazon account management services can be found in. With years of encounter employed in Amazon, we can develop and coordinate your Amazon strategy with insightful business answers to help increase profits.

E mail us for a free of charge evaluation of your Amazon sales position. Our Amazon team can free you up and improve your online sales.

Amazon Channel Management

Amazon can be an ever-growing, ever-changing platform, providing businesses with an array of options for selling and marketing their products. You can expect a complete catalog of account management services to cover the entire gamut of selling opportunities – including hybrid models. Together, we are able to help pinpoint the very best choices for your business.

Account Management for Vendor Central

Sell directly to Amazon as a distributor or manufacturer. Our monthly services will help you manage your product portfolio and keep maintaining a solid relationship with Amazon. Vendor Central services include:

Account Management for Seller Central

Sell right to the general public via the Amazon marketplace. Our management team can oversee and report on the progress of your sales while optimizing your situation with regards to your competition. Seller Central services consist of:

What Are Your Amazon Goals?

Within our Amazon channel management services, we’ll discuss your targets for the platform. These, of course, should align together with your overarching business goals and objectives - however they also needs to be tailored to the channel. Amazon has unique strengths, opportunities and challenges that require to be looked at when setting your goals for the channel.

In case you are trying to attain an objective that's at odds with the platform’s strengths, you’ll never obtain the results you’re looking for. Our Amazon consultants are intimately acquainted with the nuances of the platform and understand the regions of greatest chance for sellers. They’ll work closely with you to go over, or also establish your targets, and observe where your goals best align with Amazon’s strengths.

Amazon Channel Management

We recognize that Amazon could be one among many tools you utilize to greatly help grow your business. Whether it’s most of your platform for conducting business or is merely used to aid your brick and mortar store, it is necessary to possess a detailed channel management strategy. Regardless of what size or small of a job Amazon plays in your business, it could possess a big effect on the entire health of your company.

Every Part Counts

Think about your various business channels as various areas of an automobile. While all of the parts interact to help your vehicle run smoothly, maintenance and each part requires unique care. Neglect even the smallest part and the entire system could break down. Amazon channel management works just the same way. By maintaining the health of your Amazon business, you’re contributing to the achievement of your entire company.

Our channel management services provide just the tune up your Amazon business needs! We can create a program to assist you flourish in Amazon’s unique marketplace, while maintaining your various other business channels and strategies at heart.

One Size Does Not Fit all

Amazon customers have unique needs, shopping habits, expectations and other characteristics that change from those of offline consumers, and even general online shoppers. We are able to help you know what those unique characteristics are and come up with an idea with goals, marketing strategies and content tailor-made for Amazon shoppers.

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